Newport Beach targets UK market

Visit Newport Beach has launched its largest-ever international marketing effort in the UK, targeting consumers and travel agents.

Newport Beach

The ‘Visit Newport Beach UK Holiday’ campaign seeks to incentivise tour operators to sell the Southern Californian destination, generate awareness and celebrate the Newport Beach Film Festival.

As a part of the campaign, Visit Newport Beach held a pre-BAFTA event on February 11 for product managers and MDs from tour operators.

The next trade fam to visit Newport Beach will be an annual luxury-focused fam in partnership with Air New Zealand, Santa Monica and Palm Springs.

The itinerary is still to be finalised, however this year the dates of the fam will coincide with the Newport Beach Film Festival (April-May), meaning the trade group of luxury agents will be able to attend an event or two as part of the festival. New businesses and restaurants as well as a new hotel are in the pipeline for 2016.

Plans for a new boutique hotel at Lido Marina Village, the Lido Inn, are moving forward and construction should be complete in 2017.

Celebrated Japanese chef Nobu Matsuhisa, who has over 30 restaurants worldwide, will be opening a new sushi bar in Lido Marina Village this summer.

The area will also welcome a number of new shopping areas.

Last year 50,000 travellers from the UK visited Newport Beach, placing the UK as one of the Southern Californian destination’s top overseas markets.


Palm Beach in a hurry in UK

Palm Beach County, Florida, is using a host of new developments and a high-speed rail link to increase its UK profile and drive-up visitor numbers.

Palm Beach

Covering 47-miles of Florida coastline and comprising 15 regions, the area is an easy two-and-a-half-hour drive south of Orlando. However plans are in place to connect holiday hotspots in the state via a new fast-track railway, called Brightline, by 2017. Ashley Svarney, Director of PR and Communications for The Palm Beaches explained: “Brightline will link both Orlando and Miami to Palm Beach County. It will be affordable and will cut the travel time between Orlando and Palm Beaches to just 40-minutes”

The Palm Beaches has plenty to offer visitors, added Svarney, from exploring JFK’s cold-war bunker and snorkeling on Peanut Island to visiting Boco Raton Resort and Club, which is home to Condé Nast’s number one-rated spa in the world, the Waldorf Astoria Spa.

The Hilton West Palm Beach and the Mandarin Oriental will both be completed this year and will provide a new layer of luxury accommodation to couple with The Palm Beaches’ existing charms.

L.A. plays the numbers game

Los Angeles, California, set a new tourism record by reaching 45.5 million visitors in 2015, marking the fifth consecutive year that its visitation records have been broken.


The figure represents a 2.8% increase over 2014, although visitors from the UK increased by 4.3%, totalling 342,000 visitors in 2015.The city hopes to welcome 50 million visitors by 2020.

Tucson’s taste of UNESCO

Tucson, Arizona has become the first city in the U.S. to receive the designation as a UNESCO City of Gastronomy.


The designation was awarded due to Tucson’s growing line-up of fine-dining restaurants, its use of agriculture and cultivation, employment of indigenous ingredients and the work being done at the University of Arizona that hopes to help sustain the world’s food chain.