United brings back free snacks

United Airlines is turning back the clock by bringing back free snacks in Economy class on its North American and Latin American routes.



The ‘freebies’ make their return in February 2016, another step towards clawing back consumer goodwill.

Morning snacks will consist of a Dutch-style caramel-filled waffle while afternoon and evening flights will feature tidbits such as rice crackers, sesame sticks and wasabi peas or mini pretzel sticks and Cajun corn sticks.

United will continue to offer its Choice Menu of foods to buy on flights while free snacks will still be served on international routes.

"We're bringing back complimentary snacks that are a nod to our global presence. They also add that extra level of service our employees will be proud to deliver and will make a big difference for our customers," said Jimmy Samartzis, United' vice president of food services.

"We're refocusing on the big and little things that we know matter to our customers and shape how they feel about their travel experience."